Publicity in Finland for “Crisis of Global Sustainability” book (14-22 November 2012)

During 14-22 November 2012 a number of events happened in Helsinki, Finland related to the pre-publicity of “Crisis of Global Sustainability” book:

1.  Ian Dunlop, former senior executive at Royal Shell – now talking about the necessity of moving immediately from the use of oil and other fossil fuels to renewables and nuclear – gave a key-note speech at the Finnish Project Association’s Conference at Dipoli, Espoo, on 14 November 2012.  The speech –  27 minutes long – gives a short but powerful presentation on the emergency situation of the globe and some actions that should be done immediately.  At the end Dunlop is referring to the book “Crisis of Global Sustainability.  Watch the video here:

2. On 16 November 2012 Tapio Kanninen gave a presentation at the Legal Lounge in Helsinki (on the concept of Legal Lounge and the announcement of the talk see  The slides used in presentation are added later.  In addition to the slides, Kanninen elaborated on the concept of a sustainability center both in developing and developed countries (on the concept of a sustainability center in developing countries, see the blog entry on the center concept in Tanzania).

3. On 19 November 2012 main Finnish business daily, Kauppalehti, published a long interview of Tapio Kanninen and Ian Dunlop under the heading “Person of the Week”.  The scanned version of the interview appears in PRESS section of this blog. An unofficial English translation is attached .Interview of Kanninen and Dunlop in the main Finnish business daily 19 Nov 12 Rev 2 – English translation

4. On the following day, 20 November 2012, some Finnish politicians and the editor of Kauppalehti -journal discussed the key message of the  above interview of Kanninen and Dunlop in the morning TV program “Jatkoporssi”.  Watch here, available only in Finnish at 11:55: .

4. On 21 November 2012 Tapio Kanninen spoke at Philosophy Club in Helsinki about his book and games that could be useful in spreading the awareness on a global emergency.  The announcement in English, after announcement in Finnish, and  a detailed description of the presentation and discussion but only in Finnish, could be found here:  English slides will be posted later.

5. On 22 November 2012  Tapio Kanninen was interviewed for 55 minutes on his book in the Finnish radio (Politics radio “Politiikkaradio”, reporter Sakari Sirkkanen). It was rebroadcasted twice in the following days. Listen here, available only in Finnish:


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