Meetings at the UN on “Crisis of Global Sustainability in mid-April of 2013”

Club of Rome posted on its website the following press release of the meetings Ian Dunlop and Tapio Kanninen had at the United Nations in New York in mid-April: Here are links to articles published based on the press release:;;

Publicity on the Launch of “Crisis of Global Sustainability” in Geneva on 15 March 2013

IPS – Inter Press Service News Agency – published the following article about the book on 18 March 2013 written by Isolda Agazzi:

Another piece with some pictures could be found in the website of the Geneva Center for Security Policy:

Finally, a news release of the book could be found in the website of the Club of Rome:

19 Nov 2012

Finnish main business daily Kauppalehti published a front page article on Tapio Kanninen and his book “Crisis of Global Sustainability”. Please find the Finnish article here: Kauppalehti article
Please note that you must be registered to read the article. An English version of this article is attached: Interview of Kanninen and Dunlop in the main Finnish business daily 19 Nov 12 Rev 2 – English translation.


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