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New website on our global crisis opened –

My team  and I – Global Crisis Information Network Inc – opened late in 2014 a new website It is still in the early preparation phase and more information, news, analyses, videos will be added in 2015. I will discontinue to use this blog and instead write “President’s blog” in the new website. See my first one at and click President’s Blog.
Happy New Year 2015!

Tapio Kanninen,

President, Global Crisis Information Network Inc (GCINET).


Climate Change Event at the Scandinavia House in New York on June 10, 2014: Are the Republicans Coming Along?

An innovative talk and art event on catastrophic climate change was organized at the Scandinavia House on 10 June 2014 in New York. The advertisement and the program could be found here: SG Meeting

Republican politician from New York State and Town Supervisor of Rye in Westchester County, Joseph Carvin, was one of the key speakers. If the rest of the Republican party could be as forthcoming as he is on climate change threats the US Congress could move ahead aggressively in combating climate change as one can see in reading Joe’s speech (Carvin transcript REV 1 ) or watching him in youtube (see

Other speakers were Dr Jouni Keronen (see Keronen – NYC-10-6-2014-pdf), a new CEO of the Climate Leadership Council established in Finland in May 2014 promoting climate sustainability action by the biggest corporations in Finland and Michael Northrop, Director of Sustainability Program at Rockecfeller Brothers Fund. Michael’s speech followed quite a lot the following article he has published recently: Tapio Kanninen also spoke ( see Tapio Kanninen – Art and Talk Event Scandinavia House REV 1 June 10 – 2014) or youtube here:

Dr Jouni Keronen’s innovative solution to UN climate talks’ gridlock

Dr Jouni Keronen has a long career in the development positions in the energy industry in Finland, he is adjunct professor in Lappeenranta University of Technology and senior adviser for Sitra – The Finnish Innovation Fund. He was invited to give a key note speech on energy at hearings of the UN Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals in November 2013 In New York – one of the main outcomes of the Rio plus 20 Conference. At the end he could not make it but has now published his intended speech as an updated academic essay, see attached. It contains an interesting proposal, a silver bullet to solve the global climate change crisis. Or what do you think? Please spread the message forward to start a dialogue on this. UN-Keronen-LUT-17-April-2014

“Mankind at the Turning Point” – My Tribute to Mike Mesarovic, Co-author of the Second Report to the Club of Rome

The US Club of Rome Chapter organized an anniversary session to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the publication of “Mankind at the turning point”, the second report to the Club of Rome. The event took place at the Scandinavia House in New York and at the United Nations on 14 March 2014. Here are the slides used in my presentation:Mankind at the Turning Point slides.

“Messianic” talk on crisis of global sustainability according to New York journalist on 15 January 2014

Republican Town Supervisor of Rye in Westchester County in New York, Joe Carvin, organized a talk on “Crisis of Global Sustainability” in his One World organization in Port Chester, New York, on 15 January 2014. Local press was present and Westmore News reported on the talk and reactions of the audience: Westmore News 31 Jan 14. The slides used are here:Tapio Kanninen – Port Chester Jan 15-2014.

Five book reviews of “Crisis of Global Sustainability” and talk at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

See the link These reviews were published by “Mother Pelican – A Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability” in its December 2013 issue. The presentation at the Royal Institute of Technology on 12 November 2013 Tapio Kanninen – Stockholm 11-12-2013 rev2 is also attached as well as the picture of the presentators, Ambassadors and VIPs at the seminar on another way of looking at Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in New York on 11 October 2013, organized by the Academic Council of the UN System (ACUNS). 131013233630836


One follow-up project of “Crisis of Sustainability” involves a group of major CEOs, top civil servants and other influential actors in Finland as well as Archbishop of Finland, Dr. Kari Makinen. On 4 November 2013 Dr. Makinen gave a major opening speech at the Synod of the Finnish Church. General Synod Address by Archbishop of Finland on Climate Change – 4 November 2013

Keynote speech at the Academic Council of the UN System in New York on 11 October 2013

The Academic Council of the UN System organized a seminar on alternative ways of looking at Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2015 Development Agenda. See the slides of the keynote address here:Tapio Kanninen – SDG Keynote 10-11-2013 final

Keynote speech “Crisis of Global Sustainability” at major energy corporation “Fortum” in Finland on 27 August 2013

Tapio Kanninen – Fortum final 8-27- 2013Fortum keynote speech (1) See the picture and the slides of the presentation of the keynote speech at the Fortum Foundation Award Seminar on 27 August 2013.